What is KDSI
Kansas is a clean state, and we want to keep it that way. We began the KDSI campaign, an awareness and education program, to encourage Kansans to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and keep their state in a beautiful condition.

We aim to keep the Kansas environment top-of-mind so that every Kansan will do what's needed to "keep it clean" to minimize the amount of waste entering the environment.

Our goal is to teach citizens of Kansas how to make a difference in a variety of easy and meaningful ways. Every Kansan is able to make large or small efforts to keep their state environmentally sound. It then becomes each individual's responsibility to get involved.

Designed to reach both general and targeted audiences, the KDSI message has been introduced at the Kansas State Fair, seen on billboards and displayed on posters at recycling centers throughout Kansas. Additionally, KDSI has been communicated through pamphlets, fact sheets, newspaper ads, news releases, broadcast public service announcements and promotional items.

Further, KDSI has developed school curricula that enable educators to deliver a comprehensive message of environmental stewardship to children K-8.

We realize the incredible potential Kansas kids have in effecting a long-term consciousness about the environment. We've started with the new generation because they will carry the campaign into the future.

Your local waste management company is charged a dollar-per-ton tipping fee, which is allocated for the Kansas Bureau of Waste Management. While most of those funds go directly to grants, less than five percent is dedicated to public education.

For more information, contact your local solid waste service providers, including:

  • Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Bureau of Waste Management (785.296.1600)

  • Solid Waste Planning Committee

  • City/County Public Works

  • Private collection/disposal companies

  • Elected officials 

  • Kansas Business and Industry Recycling Program, Inc. (BIRP) (785.273.6808)